Audition Secrets from Gary Spatz and Gayla Goehl of The Playground (Intro)

The acting program at Gary Spatz’s “The Playground” A Young Actors’ Conservatory makes acting audition preparation and audition techniques a central part of their core curriculum.
Gary Spatz and Gayla Goehl of The Playground


Well, for actors, there are often big differences between auditioning for acting roles and working on set in that role. Learning what these audition techniques are and practicing them consistently, to the best of your ability, while in an acting class will lead to consistently great auditions. Great auditions lead to being cast and working on set in great roles.

At The Playground, learning these acting auditioning skills is an essential part of what the students learn. Since not every actor can come to The Playground to study and learn these techniques we are going to share several of the top ones with you now.

‘Auditioning Skills’ can be broken down into 4 sections:

  1. Preparation
  2. Commitment
  3. Focus
  4. Play

Tomorrow we’ll be posting Gary and Gayla’s comments about Preparation! Stay tuned…


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