Gary Spatz Recognized by Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman Tweet

Michael Fishman via Twitter:

Closest to a hero in my childhood was my acting coach GarySpatz. He made me believe in myself but not for work.

Gary Spatz responds:

What a sweet thing to say… honestly, that’s what I try to do for every child I teach.

Michael, was really great kid, kind, smart, and so considerate. He has become a such decent adult, with those same qualities, as well as a wonderful husband and father. That truly touches me that I may have played a small role in the development of this terrific young man. This is one of the primary reasons teacher’s do what they do, so they may impact(we hope in a positive way)those in our sphere of influence.


Summer Acting Program At The Playground (2012)!

Hi Everyone –

Are you looking for a great way to spend your summer?

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The Playground Is Offering A Summer Acting Program For Children and Teens in 2012

Our regular acting program in just one summer (instead of 6 months!).

  • Professional Acting Introduction for Children 6-18
  • Open to all experience levels
  • LA’s most exciting acting program for kids
  • Mimics a Real Film or Television Set
  • Professional Lights, Cameras and more
  • NO Boring Classes
  • NO Drafty Halls
  • Fund and Informative

There’s a lot more info on our web-site

If you’re looking for a summer acting camp experience for you child in Los Angeles you won’t find a better way for them to spend the summer! Children and Teens who are interested in Acting Classes will learn not only how to act for film and television but there are other amazing benefits too!

Check out our website to find out why learning acting with Gary Spatz is an experience your child will never forget!